Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cost and lead time for parts fabrication?

On our Cost,Lead page, you will see detailed examples of REAL parts with REAL prices and lead times.

I need composite parts IMMEDIATELY. What can you do?

OMS offers a FAST-TRACK option for parts fabrication and shipment, on a case-by-case basis, for an additional 20% charge. We offer this option at times we are confident your ship date can be met, to ensure reliable information for the planning schedule of your project or program. Simply request this service in your email RFQ with the delivery date you require.

We are exploring material and process options for this application, what guidance can you provide?

-You can send us an email of a model, drawing or sketch, to discuss the best means of meeting your requirements
-Simply Give us a call; we'll be glad to discuss your project and, within reason, assist you finding the best way OMS Technologies can help you meet your challenging engineered part fabrication needs.

Much of our design information is proprietary; how do you safeguard the security of proprietary information?

OMS will coordinate with each customer the appropriate NDA to proceed in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition, we can encrypt and send encrypted communications (email, VOIP, etc.) with customers in a tailored manner to ensure their valuable and important data is secured.

What is your minimum order charge?

Minimum order charge is $200.00 for existing customers, $500.00 for new customers. There may be times when a customer requires test parts with much lower prices than $200.00; in such instances we may discount the higher volume order for the minimum charge difference.