OMS Design Guide for Reinforced Plastic Parts

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Comparison of Materials to Composites

The table below provides a rough comparison between various materials to consider for design and manufacturing, at low quantities (less than 10k annual). SFRP composite parts by OMS offer the best combination of cost and weight savings, especially for long-term outdoor terrestrial applications.

Composites Comparison of Materials

External Websites

Learn all about composites at the ACMA's compositesLab website:

compositeslab Image

FREE online course content by John Pilling at Michigan Technical University offers excellent, comprehensive analysis of the theory and application of modern composite materials. See the section on Short Fiber Composites.

MTU composite course link
A joint partnership between NIAR, NASA, and the FAA known as the Advanced GEneral Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) published a Guide for Low Cost Design and Manufacturing of Composite General Aviation Aircraft. Even if your application falls outside the scope of aviation, you might find benefits to investigating the rigorous methods used in composite aircraft design:

agate Image